Entity Locations Reason Date of incident Cost Title Description
Policeman Bali Traffic fine bribe 2016-01-13 200.0 Bribed me to get rid of traffic fine Policeman stopped me for no reason and asked me to pay him for traffic fine, or else he will fine me. Show
Judge Jakarta Lighter sentence 2016-01-13 1000.0 Asked me for bribe for lighter sentence Judge was giving me a sentence but asked me to pay him if I want a lighter sentence. Show
Teacher Bali Better grades 2015-12-23 100.0 Teacher asked me for $100 and I will get better grades for school assignment Teacher asked me to pay him for better school assignment grades. Show
Policeman West Java Speeding 2015-12-19 300.0 Policeman asked me to pay $300 or else he will give me demerit points for speeding. I was not speeding but got to pay bribe for speeding. Show
Bali Show
asd Bali sad 2016-04-21 200.0 sad dasd Show
Mr Tee Bali Mad person 2017-09-07 90.0 Mad person corrupted Mad person!! Show